CB Insights recognises LogiNext in the Supply Chain Optimization Tech report


LogiNext’s Mile Platform has gained a significant upswing in market adoption since the covid outbreak which has brought supply chain automation into spotlight. Several Research firms including the likes of Gartner have acknowledged this and in it’s latest Tech Market Map report for Supply Chain Optimization Tech, CB Insights has recognised the contribution LogiNext has made in this field.


This report analyses the supply chain and logistics landscape and highlights tech providers within the space. CB Insights intelligence platform identified 120+ companies across 13 categories like Delivery Management Software, Autonomous Last-Mile Delivery, Visibility platforms and such.


CB Insights mention


LogiNext is recognised as a company in this elite list of technology automation enterprises that are ushering in the next phase for the global supply chain systems. LogiNext’s Mile platform is used in several industries like CEP, Fast Casuals and QSR, E-commerce & Retail and Transportation. It has several use cases like- live order tracking, route optimisation, first/middle/last-mile delivery and optimisation, etc.


According to CB Insights, ‘Supply Chain’ has received more than double the usual mentions on earning calls as compared to pre-covid times. Mentions of around 2,500 on average has shot up to around 5,500 and top executives across the globe are actively thinking about the next advancement in the global supply chains.


Dhruvil Sanghvi, the CEO of LogiNext says, “We’ve been in the space since 2014 when the logistics industry was still lukewarm in terms of accepting automation. But especially since the covid outbreak, bringing in digitization and optimising logistics operations has been at the forefront for most enterprises. And this report validates our understanding and focus to bring about a positive impact in this space by helping organisations digitise and automate their back end operations.”


In one of the earning calls, Nike CEO John Donahoe shared, “the scale competitive advantage comes from in our supply chain because we will be able to forecast demand, get the right inventory in the right places to get it to consumers quickly both for ourselves and maybe even over time, that’s an added benefit for our strategic wholesale partners.”


All the large players are gunning for more visibility and efficiency in supply chains across the globe and the next couple of years are going to see most of the brands transitioning to a new-age technology-enabled system geared for the future needs.


Watch the LogiNext Mile explainer video and reach out to us for a demo.

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