“Tale Of Success — Raw Pressery Serves it Fresh with LogiNext”

Freshness is the key which defines the success of FMCG and F&B sectors. One such story is about Raw Pressery. A startup purely focused towards providing freshly pressed organic juice, catering to the super niche. Huge challenge that raw presser faced was, their freshly pressed juice had to be delivered on or before 9.00 am, this was because of a body detox or cleansing procedure of their clients. Secondly, tracking the deliveries and delivery boys to make sure the product is delivered with proper EPOD.


LogiNext, empowered the complete logistics management of Raw Pressery by integrating Mile. Raw Pressery is now able to manage on time deliveries, with EPOD’s and decreased the amount or damage and product misplacement. In the video above you can witness what the founder and supply chain heads have experienced post LogiNext’s Mile integration.


Your LogiNext App is now More Powerful and Feature-Packed than ever Before!

A quick peek into some of the game changing features we’ve added to make your business efficient, your costs low, and your throughput immensely high


Know Thy Whereabouts with Route Deviation Alerts

Route Deviation Alerts, LogiNext Mile - Route optimization Solution


At LogiNext, we constantly endeavor to make your business more reliable through transparency and data visibility.
You can now expect more specific notifications with route deviation alerts, so, if your vehicle which is travelling from point A to point B on a planned route suddenly deviates from the route, you get notified instantly enabling you to take the right measure and get it back on track. So, never lose big bucks due to unexpected performance again — get clear visibility on route deviation — keeping drivers in check, and allowing you to identify theft or mishaps immediately.

Increased Visibility with Advanced Analytics


LogiNext Mile - Custom Analytics Dashboard for Logistics & Field Service Optimization

Now deep dive into your business with key insights into everyday operations. View detailed analytics for resource and capacity utilization, geo-fencing, routeoptimization, real-time tracking, EPOD, heat maps and other visual alerts plus performance and metrics, and compare KPIs to real world performance. Further, measure hub load, detention, route delays and transit times, and take corrective action to optimize your field ops instantly.

Manage your Logistics from your Smartphones!

Manage your operations on-the-go! Our new mobile apps allow you to take charge of your business activities, regardless of where you are. Create orders and trips, manage running operations and resources, view live tracking and status, and increase your efficiency in real-time.



LogiNext Mile



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