Unveiling All New LogiNext Website v2.0

LogiNext is proud to roll out its newly designed website. Various logistics communities across the globe, now have a quicker and easier access to an international website which offers sufficient data across industries for them to optimize their movements.

The launch of the new website, together with the LogiNext 2.0 products — Mile, Haul, On Demand, Reverse, and Force, has been our long ongoing effort to enhance the quality of information and communication to our clients and users worldwide. The website has been re-created and re-coded to give its elegant look.

What’s new?

Beautiful Design: Our latest website has simple, amazing UI-UX and user-friendly design to give our users, a better reading experience. The website has self-explanatory headings, better fonts and detailed information for users to fall in love with.

Incredible Experience: With the excellent design, our website is easy to load. It is responsive and adjusts itself perfectly across all platforms, from desktops to smartphones. The interactive layout also lets web browsers have a better browsing experience while users surf through our website.

Unique products: We are extremely proud of our products and so are our clients. Our Product section has a gamut of offerings for our users. They can browse through our products, select the desired one for their company and ask for a demo. Also, our new and revamped product APIs are now modular and configurable to give customers best available solutions to more specific problems. Also, read about what our clients has to say about us.

Bigger Data Store: We leverage our huge routing data bank which holds information about multiple industry wide companies to provide our users with optimized and relevant query results. We also provide our users with product and industry specific case studies to help them understand better. This website will not only help optimize routes but thoughts also. We believe in educating our readers and giving them thoughtful insights to various topics that affects their business, directly or indirectly. Our Blog section includes areas like technology, business, industries, employee engagement and others to bring our readers, all the diversified knowledge on a single platform.

Fueling Up: Within just 2 years of its inception, LogiNext has risen to fame internationally. It has achieved several laurels for innovation, services and products. It is due to our employees that we have achieved so much in a limited time. To bring in more talent, we have a Careers section, where we list ample opportunities for exceptional people to come and build a career with us. Also, we would be eagerly waiting for suggestions or feedback to help us move better and look awe-inspiring.

We believe our users will have an amazing experience while touring our website. Experience it first hand at www.loginextsolutions.com

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