LogiNext Shines At The Internet Retailing Expo 2017


Dhruvil Sanghvi, CEO, LogiNext shares the stage with industry dignitaries in a panel discussion to talk about the use of technology, strategy, and growth in the retail sector.


“The world is moving towards automation. All products and services have renewed their focus on customer experience. A retail customer is, now, given multiple opportunities to indulge in their own comfort. There were two-day deliveries, the same day delivery, and now they are even 90-min deliveries. The ‘customer experience’ point of view requires a company to make their back-end logistics and operations seamless. The delivery opportunity, when it appears, should ideally go through an optimized system which would offer the company their best results. The answer to this is simply, technological innovation.


At LogiNext, we have been consistently extending our expertise in Big Data Analytics. For a real-time delivery opportunity, you must have real-time data and analysis at your finger-tips. This includes real-time traffic update, route optimization suggestions, current delivery status, and electronic proof of deliveries.


If you factor in the added burden on the Cash on Delivery functionality, then it just necessitates real-time tracking. Technological evolution, in the online retail sector, is essential. If you plan your strategy around a proper logistics and field service management system, you can then transfer the benefit of time and efficiency to the customer. With the online retail market nearing saturation, as more and more players join in the e-commerce boom, you would need technology on your side to create a niche, a differentiation for your brand.”


Dhruvil Sanghvi in a Panel Discussion at Pullman Jakarta Central Park, Indonesia


Retail Field Service Optimization Expo

LogiNext Shines at Retail Field Service Optimization Expo


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