LogiNext Partners with US Varsities for Research

India’s leading player in big data analytics and logistics management company, LogiNext has found an unique way of sourcing the best talent to strengthen its platforms. We will be tying up with more elite American universities, following which, the PhD students will study their data, analyze the emerging markets and generate appropriate algorithms to solve the upcoming challenges. Although we completely own the IP rights for the algorithms and white papers, they acknowledge and give the students equal rights to it. The symbiotic association is set to expose students to real-world complex problems, whilst letting further strengthening of our platform.

The decision was inspired from the personal odyssey of our founders, as they have been the alumnus of CMU. They recognized the importance of amalgamating talent from both sides, India and USA; and since the beginning, looked for the right opportunities to source the best talent from elite American universities. They were also aware of talented students from India, who settled in the States for its higher standards of living and yet feel the urge to contribute to emerging economies. This mutual need was fundamental in formalizing the partnership between LogiNext and the US universities.

Until now, we have sourced the research partnership with Carnegie Mellon University and University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Georgia Tech and Stanford are expected to soon follow suit.

Further commenting about the partnership, Lavanya Maria, a professor from CMU said, “We have been partnering with LogiNext from day one of their launch and the partnership has been exciting and mutually beneficial. Our research group gets in-depth exposure to real data that helps us identify novel challenges and technology gaps in emerging markets. Emerging markets present unique technological challenges because of more uncertain, dynamic or resource-constrained settings. We analyze LogiNext data to understand these phenomena and also leverage our knowledge from mature markets. Building on this, we create advanced algorithms that can bridge these gaps, and provide solutions to optimize the decisions in transportation and logistics supply chains. In return, LogiNext gets some of the best minds from one of the world’s elite universities to work on their algorithms and strengthen their enterprise platform with richer features.”

Adding his insights to the association, our CEO, Dhruvil Sanghvi, said “We are very proud to have this as a differentiator because we firmly believe in both sides of the talent and it helps us build intellectual property in a faster way, and in the best of the ways. In fact, most of the new age startups need to invest more in research projects such as these.”

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