LogiNext Disrupting Cold Supply Chain, Giving Raw Pressery an Edge Over Competitors

Growing over US$20.6 billion in the current year, FMCG is the 4th largest Industry, contributing about 5% to the Indian GDP. A major portion of this sector deals into health and wellness consumer durables. It’s astonishing to see that Juice industry alone accounts to 500 million USD, which is just a part of this huge FMCG sector. The flourishing of Dabur’s Real, Pepsico India’s Tropicana, Godrej’s Only Natural, has added to the meteoric growth of this industry and paved the way for a more diverse range of Fruit Drinks like Pristine, Paper Boat, and @RawPressery .


Rise of Raw Pressery

Though India is the second largest producer of fruits and vegetables, the average juice consumption per person in India is just 20ml compared to 39L in the US, 42.5L in Switzerland and 45L in Germany. However, with the increasing trend of health consciousness in India, the pure and organic juice, unadulterated and free of preservatives, gained huge popularity in comparison with the traditional packaged juices claiming to be fresh. Founded- 2013 in Mumbai, Raw Pressery emerged as a leader in providing organic and healthy unadulterated fresh juice. With a unique mission “100% of the products, made from 100% of their produce”, Raw Pressery successfully expanded their distribution, covering Pune and Delhi. With such high operational scaling, Raw Pressery analysed and identified the importance of a strong technology back-end to support their logistics ecosystem. Fortunately, their search of best logistics solution provider ended with LogiNext.


Lost and Found — A Story of Unboxing Transparency

With Raw Pressery, an optimal logistics setup was critically important, as they deal in perishable product line. Ideally, their business revolves around maintaining high product standards, which is strictly defined by the quality of delivery process, delivery time-frame, temperature management and an enhanced transparency of end to end package movement.


Major Pain Areas & How LogiNext Helped Resolve Those

Being an organic and freshly pressed juice provider, their core problem is the perishable nature of the product. The quality and time of delivery is critically important, as the perishable products need be maintained between 0–8 degree C. Also, the clients who prefer such freshly pressed juice prefer the delivery to be by 9 am, as the body cleansing process usually starts by 9.30 am. This, was a bottleneck for Raw Pressery, monitoring every nook and corner of the last mile delivery process was becoming mandatory and not just a necessity.


Missing packages in-transit was another area of major concern . The customer’s did not receive the delivery either because it was lost or did not even reach their address. The customer complaints started rising, and since there was no proof of delivery, refunds and compensations increased. Finally they integrated LogiNext’s Mile, and Viola! the company now had Electronics proof of delivery (E-POD). With E-PODs, Raw Pressery knew the exact time of delivery? To whom it was delivered? Whether it was delivered to the right person or not? This saved them a lot of in-transit hassles, and their details can be shared with the customers on as real-time notifications.


Special Mention

Continuing the same line of thought, @AnujRakyan, MD & Co-Founder of Raw Pressery added, “As technology partners, we were looking for an organization that could understand the nuances of specialized requests for a company that is scaling up quickly. We needed our deliveries to disrupt the status quo and surprise our customers. LogiNext’s Mile™ worked like a charm, letting us deliver on time and track everything via cloud computing and an app. However, I believe as technology partners, LogiNext has been great in terms of managing the relationship, predicting when things may go wrong and efficiently managing them anyway.”


Sharing his thoughts on the association, @dhruvilsanghvi, Co-Founder & CEO, LogiNext Solutions said, “This partnership is the best example of manufacturing, distribution, and technology coming together to win the consumer. We are happy to partner with Raw Pressery to help them with their extremely time-sensitive supply chain and making sure their customers get fresh juice in the shortest possible time and at the lowest cost. We are successfully making a dent in retail distribution industry by making the supply chain more flexible, agile and real-time.”


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