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WHAT THE TRUCK?!? is FreightWaves’ award-winning podcast breaking down the biggest stories in transportation and logistics. WTT?!? is all about the people that make freight move. In their latest episode, hosts Dooner and The Dude caught up with Manisha Raisinghani, the CTO at LogiNext to talk about a woman’s journey in logistics technology and the story behind building a transportation management system 2.0.


Manisha’s journey is special as she holds three top positions in typically male-dominated industries… Firstly, a woman in logistics is not often heard about. Secondly, the founder of a logistics tech company, and thirdly, a CTO! Timothy Dooner and The Dude begin the conversation by reviewing Liam Neeson’s new trucking thriller, “The Ice Road” followed by bringing in Manisha at around 18 minutes into the hour-long show. Check it out on video @ FreightWaves TV and here is the audio on Apple Podcasts:



LogiNext Mile is a cloud-based Transportation Automation Platform for enterprises to ace last mile deliveries. Enriched with features like route optimization, route planning, fleet management, last mile tracking, B2B fulfillment and several other areas, LogiNext Mile is a comprehensive all mile transportation management system for the modern age.



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