5 Critical Features to Look for in a Delivery Management Solution


by Devanshu Awasthi


You read in our previous blog about how Delivery Management Solution is becoming the technological urgency of the muddled logistics industry. Now that you know about it, you must be pondering about getting one to solve your operational hassles. So, we thought of helping you out to make up your mind while we will unfold some of the critical features of delivery management solution to you.


Resource and Dispatch Management


The life of an operations manager starts with the most tedious task of running behind the drivers to know their availability. But now managers can relax as DMS has an easy to use the feature for drivers to mark their online attendance. Not only this, but drivers can use this interface to accept or reject orders so that the manager has the track of deliveries done by a specific driver on a specific day or hour.


DMS not only helps to see the available resources but also their allocation. This results in better resource utilization and efficient planning for each day.


Delivery Associate Attendance Management

Delivery Associate Attendance Management


Automated Delivery Scheduling


Moreover, scheduling of deliveries in an effective manner is a pain for the management team. Deciding the units and volume for different vehicles and drivers manually becomes a bulky and exhausting affair. For example, we have witnessed most of our courier express and eCommerce clients spend hours in deciding which delivery boy will go in which direction and cater to which customers before they moved to our platform.


If you don’t like spending a great deal of time, then you should switch to the Delivery Management Solution (DMS). This helps you allocate deliveries according to the capacity in terms of unit and weight. It customizes delivery run sheets (DRS) and pushes data onto the delivery boy app as well. The delivery boy has exact details of the route and delivery schedule to be followed in his handheld device.


Delivery Management -  Run Sheet

Delivery Management –
Run Sheet


Route Optimization & Real-Time Tracking


If you are always on call to keep a track and whereabouts of your shipments, you are doing it a wrong way. The technology used in helps you to track your vehicle, get the authentic data of distance traveled. It also helps you to predict accurate estimated delivery time(ETD). It uses the various platform and sources and collaborates their data to generate single optimised route considering latest traffic and weather conditions.


This helps in geocoding and mapping multiple addresses even in tier 2 and tier 3 cities with complex addresses. Route optimization helps in timely deliveries and real-time tracking gives you continuous updates of your in-transit shipments.


Efficient Geo-Coding


Customization and Seamless Integration


You use a lot of apps and struggle to reach your desired tab feature. But you don’t have to struggle while using DMS app feature. These are built with a highly intuitive design for delivery associates and operations managers to use it with ease. Entire DRS can be seen and it helps in coordinating with end customer to give the details about their shipment via call, SMS or email. This also aids with features like an electronic signature and electronic proof of delivery (EPOD) facilities.


Electronic Proof of Delivery

Electronic Proof of Delivery


Detailed Reports and Analytics


How about a dashboard that helps you see all your delivery events and generates reports instantaneously for you? Delivery Management Solution (DMS) dashboard does this magic for you. You can log in to check trip summaries, analytics surveys and other reports. These reports help you to predict budget and future planning.


Comprehensive Delivery Analytics

Comprehensive Delivery Analytics


The detailed reports could also be customized as per your requirements and would help you in eliminating bottlenecks in your existing network.

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