Retails & FMCG | From First Mile to Last Mile – Gain Granular Visibility Through Highly Customisable Analytics Solutions
Your Journey to an Optimized Future Begins with This White Paper
After months of rigorous and extensive research, involving interviews of more than 500 CXOs, utilizing petabytes of information and running combinations of future scenarios, LogiNext unveils its groundbreaking white paper to decipher the future of field service management in multiple industries.
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Optimize your last mile logistics. Plan routes better and automate resource allocation.
Optimize your field workforce tasks and plan their movements and schedules.
Optimize your Real-Time Deliveries with real time assignments, tracking, and alerts.

Retails & FMCG

From First Mile to Last Mile – Gain Granular Visibility Through Highly Customisable Analytics Solutions

From your warehouse to the customer's door, LogiNext has you covered

LogiNext’s Mile TM has revolutionized last mile shipping, tracking, and delivery management for the entire retail sector. We use a highly efficient and award winning route planning software that optimizes the delivery routes to maximize resource capacity utilization.

  • Automated real-time resource allocation
  • Comprehensive analytics dashboard for visibility of your complete field movements
  • Automated delivery route optimization
  • Highly predictive ETA calculation with real-time change consideration
  • Automated capacity and volume tracking
  • Real-time EPOD, E-signature's and customer feedback

Impact :

Increased Number of Deliveries
Increased Operational Span
Increased Location Intelligence
Decreased Turnaround Time
Decreased Extra Resource Costs
Decreased Vehicle Wear & Tear

Manage, Plan and Optimize your extensive fleet of vehicles across the country

Linehaul tracking has been common grievance for a multitude of logistics managers across the globe. Haul TM, our brilliant fleet management software successfully optimizes the entire transport cycle through real-time vehicle tracking and regular status alerts. Logistics management has never been more streamlined.

  • Track Inter-city fleet movements on single dashboard
  • Visual real time route planning and re-routing
  • Tracking driver behaviour, vehicle speed and fuel efficiency on the go
  • Historical data storage for enhanced future predictive analysis
  • Real-time ETA calculations, with delay adjustments on the go
  • Geo-coding and geo-fencing, for hub in and hub out transperancy

Impact :

Increased Damage Protection
Increased Vehicle Utilizatio
Increased Long Haul Visibility
Decreased Maintenance Costs
Decreased Loading/Unloading Time
Decreased ETA Uncertainties

Automate Your Returns While Saving Costs

Reverse logistics has been the game changer in e-commerce, and now the retail sector has risen to realize its true potential. Reverse TM, LogiNext’s industry leading reverse logistics product helps retailers optimize their Return to Merchant or Return to Owner deliveries. No longer would customers feel deprived while dealing with their favorite retail chains.

  • Reverse Delivery Scheduling
  • Delivery Boy Real Time Tracking
  • Return To Owner/Return To Merchant
  • Seamless Integration With Api

Impact :

Increased Route Optimization
Increased Real-time Visibility
Increased Reverse Channel Efficiency
Decreased Turnaround Time
Decreased Overall Delay
Decreased Reverse Pick-up Costs
Taking Retailing To The Next Level With Superior Delivery Planning
Worldwide retail sector is set to grow aggressively post 2016 as more and more players adopt a logistics centered model to instill efficiency in their operations. Most of them have successfully implemented GPS vehicle tracking systems to optimize their routes and deliveries. Hub management has taken a new dimension for traditional retail ever since the incorporated the celebrated features of e-commerce. All the big retailers have upgraded their SLA tracking, capacity and delivery planning, including partial deliveries.
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