Why To Work For A Startup

For a startup, work culture and employee values are often as important as what the company actually does. These young companies, unconstrained by the traditional corporate structure, have the power to shape their own culture and mission as they get their businesses off the ground.

Start Doing Real Work

It is rather hard to describe the feeling you get when you start working for a startup. Whatever you do, will make a difference in a startup. You’re no longer spoon fed or provided with a comforter. So whatever you do will contribute towards ultimate success or the failure of the business.

Responsibility and Learning

In my opinion, you’re most likely to learn more in a couple of months in a startup than you would have in last five years of your corporate professional career. The main reason for me to state so is that in a startup, everyone is expected to step into each others shoes. Such large size, fast paced learning graph will lead to increase in responsibility. All this will translate into a very meaningful position in business world and you’ll have lots to offer as an individual.

Create the Culture Around Yourself

This area is something which fascinates me personally as we get to build a work culture where bunch of talented guys come together and make work interesting enough to term it as fun. Imagine working in an environment where there are flexible working hours, bean bags and lazy chairs. Unlimited supply of coffee, beers, crisps and some lip smacking snacks are of course on the house. Smart dressing is often related to the t-shirts and flip flops and macs to play around with and a FIFA session on PS is part of the job. Along with that, there is nothing more satisfying than feeling motivated to walk into the office in the morning and tackle a new challenge the world has thrown at you.

Start Your Own Venture

If you’re considering the idea of being your own boss one day, working in a startup is the most ideal thing. As a part of the entrepreneurial team, you’ll learn how to innovate. Working in a startup will teach you to execute goals, strategies, developing product and marketing it, etc. There are many other things you’ll learn in a startup such as naming the company, designing logo, hunting a office space and the list will go on.

One of the most important things I have realized is that never underestimate the power of working in a startup organisation.

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