NAVIC India – A Leap Forward in Navigation


by Dhruvil Sanghvi, Co-Founder & CEO, LogiNext


My news feed today was filled with articles on the amazing breakthrough by our ISRO scientists — NAVIC India. NAVIC — an acronym for Navigation in Indian Constellation (also meaning Boatman) is a system similar to GPS, whose services shall be exclusively enjoyed by Indian people. Being 5th in the league of countries owning satellite positioning systems, India is achieving milestones in technology. Presented by the honorary PM, Mr. Narendra Modi in these promising words, “for fulfilling the needs of Indian people, our scientists have developed the wonderful technique by Make in India, Made in India and Made for Indian”.


Location — The 5th Dimension

“Where” is the new question doing rounds these days. From social networking sites to logistics, location has become a primary necessity. Being important to every industry, location has become the 5th dimension of the technological era. If we say that Powai has the maximum number of startups than any other place in Mumbai — this information would be redundant without the exact knowledge of locations.


GPS, Glonass and NAVIC — The Race Begins

Owned by the US army, GPS is a famous system freely available to public without licencing, on the account of the US Taxpayers. Glonass is a similar system made by Russians, second only to GPS. Now the question arises — will NAVIC provide the same or even better quality information like GPS and Glonass? Also, how easy would it be for NAVIC chips to work smoothly with GPS integrated devices?How helpful will it be in times of security emergencies when the chances of suspending other similar systems by their owners?



More questions cross my mind, like :


  • Will NAVIC support most of the apps (e.g. Uber runs with the complete support of GPS — will it run equally well on NAVIC)?
  • Can NAVIC match up to the world standards set by GPS and Glonass?
  • With the onset of our Desi GPS, will we make it big in manufacturing of chips “MadeInIndia” especially for NAVIC?
  • Will this affect the price of GPS chips currently used in India in smart devices or will the impact be nullified with home grown NAVIC chips?
  • Will this help Internet of Things interact better with NAVIC enabled multiple devices involved?


Logistics and NAVIC

All the news articles claiming that “The desi — GPS will aid terrestrial, aerial and marine navigation, vehicle tracking and fleet management, disaster management, mapping and geodetic data capture, visual and voice navigation for drivers”, gives a ray of hope for tech-enabled logistics firms. It will help these companies do better geo-coding for Indian territory and its periphery. Also, the more accurate the data, the better it is to provide route optimization and analytics. It may be a boon to this highly unorganised sector and help reduce cost and time.


Although many speculations arise around the launch of NAVIC and its functioning in the near future, I feel this baby step by India will lead to the technological advancement in the future. So, lets wait patiently for the time till the NAVIC really shows the direction to the better India.


Image credits: ISRO

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