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The ever cheerful team LogiNext

by Manish Porwal

Summer internship plays a major role in shaping one’s career. A comfortable 9 hours per day 5 days a week stint for two years with the biggest Indian IT giant prior to MBA made me to look forward to working at MNCs again as the next destination for my internship. Now when hundreds of companies are visiting your campus it becomes very difficult to decide as joining each would have its own benefit. Some have a great brand name, some a great profile; some were offering the highest stipend and some have a strict PPO/PPI policy.

While applying for multiple companies I realized what possibly I could learn in an MNC where it would take me at least one week to get 10 minutes of meaningful discussion with the assigned mentor? My seniors provided me with a direction that summer internship program at a startup could actually help me to build a better profile and provide immense learning. And then came LogiNext to our campus

The Interview process @ LogiNext

Since I had two years of tech experience, LogiNext’s proposition of providing an opportunity to build a career in sales in IT felt interesting. LogiNext was in a very nascent stage back in October 2014, So I did have second thoughts whether to go for it or not. During the hiring process, I got to interact with Dhruvil (CEO) and Manisha (CTO) and we discussed about their vision and plans about the company. This actually motivated me to give my best for the process and after going through two tough rounds of group discussion and another two grilling rounds of personal interview, I along with one of my batch mates were selected for the summer internship program at LogiNext.

The pre induction program

internship program at LogiNext

Chai with CEO

This was a two months internship program for the month of April and May. We started in March with a pre induction program and got to know about our deliverables. We were asked about our areas of interest and I got the opportunity to pick mine. Managing Sales was one part of my job and as per my request I also got to take over Digital Marketing which included Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Managing website, observing the results of our campaigns through Google Analytics, Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. Trust me that was not all, we were also entrusted with the most critical part of any startup which is hiring a better talent. Where exactly could a person get to do so many things at the same time?

LogiNext Culture: The first few days

When we joined in first week of April, we were based out of a relatively smaller office and a team size of around 10. Fewer people meant that each one should take more responsibility. Right from day one, I was never treated as an intern rather a full time employee. The roles are defined but responsibilities are endless in a startup. It looked like a small family staying together to build something big, but the team was eventually growing at a much faster pace. Soon after first round of funding, the team size grew to around 25 and we shifted to a new and a bigger office.

LogiNext Reviews: Perks of working in a Startup

Internship at LogiNext

Who said at startups people only work, We party even harder

The best part of working in a Startup is the feeling of ownership. I always felt that this is my company and I have to be responsible and mature enough to take quick decisions. I got to interact with a lot of key position holders working at big companies, educate them about our products and sharing industry insights with them. I also got a chance to get connected with other startups which are growing at a similar/better pace as compared to us. The power to take decisions in the best interest of the company and the responsibility to take everyone with you on this learning curve gave me a lot of satisfaction. The frequent team parties, internal sessions, guest sessions and outings helped me to get connected with the team very quickly and the bond we shared still remains.

Internship program at LogiNext

Best Intern of the month

Performance Appraisal: Bonus and rewards

I heard many times that startups provide the best rate of growth but never believed so until I witnessed it myself. The promotions in startups are not based on certificates or degrees you have, nor is it on the lines of annual appraisal method followed by big companies. The simple funda is if you perform and deliver, you will get rewarded. I witnessed people getting promoted in three to four months. Even the smallest contribution you make for the company is noticed and well appreciated. I felt very happy when I received Intern of the Month just after completing my first month at LogiNext.

Our Own Mishraji comfortable on his bean bag

Our Own Mishraji comfortable on his bean bag

Building the best possible team: Interviewing and hiring people

I was entrusted with the responsibility of hiring for business development team as well as technology team. I learned a lot during this process and it helped me realize what key points are important to look in the prospective recruit, can that guy fit into the culture, do they have what it takes and what more could that person bring to the table.

Best startup to Intern for in India

The main ingredient to become the best start up to work for is: it should be able to provide learning and growth. Team LogiNext is trying to structure the chaotic and unorganized logistics sector; it felt great when I could convince my clients about the value addition our product could provide to their existing network. There was something new to learn each day and it helped me understand all the integral processes of any company, be it marketing, sales, and operations, HR, Finance or IT.

At the end of the day it’s a choice you have to make. You could either be a small fish in a big pond or a big fish in a small pond. I chose the latter as I believed in the potential of the company and it eventually turned out to be one of the best professional experiences of my life.

Decemeber Update : I got PPOed and would be joining as a full time employee in April 🙂

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