What is ePOD and why is it a must for your delivery business?


In the current age of same day and instant deliveries, the importance of route planning and transportation management systems has radically increased. For a seamless digital logistics management system, the ePOD feature (electronic proof of delivery) is critical. 


ePOD is an electronic verification system, a critical part of any delivery tracking system that allows the business to know the real-time status of the product and helps the company and end-customer to know whether the products are delivered or not marked for return at the end of the day.


The working of ePOD is simple, reliable, and realistic for the delivery valet, customer, and the company. The digitized delivery option has gained an edge by canceling manual errors, delay of upward information, and rigidity. The pandemic has increased the need for ePOD and associated features for any delivery business.





The implementation of ePOD and a dispatch software like LogiNext Mile would result in:

  • Increase in profitability and field service management
  • Smooth management of dynamic field schedules
  • End to End transparency
  • Positive Customer Experience and Feedback 
  • Security


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How Does ePOD Exactly Work?

As an economy, we are moving towards paperless transactions, key reasons being- manual data entry leading to human errors and lack of real-time visibility. Digital Delivery Tracking has allowed eCommerce firms, courier companies and quick service restaurant chains to adapt electronic proof of delivery in their system. 

  • This delivery management software allows you to plan and optimize routes followed by receiving a link via email or normal text message. 
  • Later, the delivery time is accepted or rescheduled depending on pending orders/load of work. The same outcome is sent to customers with ETA and an appropriate message. 
  • We have to keep in mind that dispatched automation software is a necessity during the planning stage of this process. 
  • This allows you to decide which orders to expedite and improve the customer experience. After delivering the orders, the valet has to capture the delivery proof (capturing photo) in the assigned application with an electronic verification. 
  • ‘Product Delivered Information’ is automatically updated in the primary software, and the valet can be on his/her way for the next deliveries. 
  • This brings us to the next concept of beat planner/beat plan, which is a route plan made for all on-field personnel in a day. 
  • Successful implementation of the beat plan is possible with the help of ePOD as it allows the delivery valet to use the optimal route for the next order.


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The applications and benefits of electronic proof of delivery (ePOD)

Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) is the messaging format that has replaced the traditional paper delivery note. ePOD helps keep the environment greener (reducing paper usage) and improves the visibility of orders being delivered. Whether you run a small or medium business (SMB) or have an enterprise, using ePOD software will positively impact your business operations. 

  • Improves on-premise services- As paperless deliveries are being implemented across the globe, ePOD helps strengthen your brand image and keeps drivers updated on additional customer notes/instructions for each delivery. This will ensure the best delivery customer experience and promote your brand, ensuring brand loyalty.

  • Ensure customers are always informed- Using LogiNext for ePOD will ensure the customer is always informed about the order. Suppliers can ensure manual and automated notifications via email and SMS for pre-delivery notifications. When the order leaves the warehouse or the hub, a tracking link will be sent to the customer, which helps them track the package’s route. Finally, when the order reaches the customer, the delivery associate will generate the e-bill, including the parcel picture and digital signature, to guarantee delivery handover and instantly updates the seller about the delivery completion. This additionally assures the delivery associate from being framed for poor delivery and negative feedback.

    • Improve workforce management- Your overall logistics operations will be beneficial as an ePOD software will make efficient use of the fleet and ensure drivers meet their KPIs daily. Since the manual intervention is reduced at warehouses and hubs, your managers can utilize their time for other essential tasks. 

    • Get better insights- As the data is stored in the cloud, you can get daily reports and analytics created, which can be easily shared with top management. This will also help to update your inventory, ensure faster returns and get the invoices created, reducing any delivery issues.

    LogiNext Mile Platform

    LogiNext is amongst the fastest growing Saas companies delivering to 6 major industries. Our flagship LogiNext Mile platform is known for the delivery management software with location clustering based on dynamic capacity, delivery resource planning, and delivery route planning with predictive delay alerts and real-time updates. ePOD is now a necessity for any delivery business:


    1. To deliver a perfect order, we need end-to-end real-time data. Then we can deliver the right product at the right place and time with minimum human errors.  Many of the reports suggest that the use of ePOD improves on-field productivity, customer experience, and risk optimization. 
    2. On-field productivity could be increased by understanding which products are to be expedited; collecting feedback during the e-POD process gives us an exhaustive customer experience and smooth transactions, optimizing risk. 


    The process of last-mile delivery is not simple. We study the concepts keeping in mind one delivery person, but a QSR or eCommerce company has to handle 1000 such orders daily with almost no window of error because, in the end, the customer experience should not be hampered.


    A new age and modern ePOD process are necessary to have a digital delivery experience. There are several options while choosing how to implement ePOD but if you’re a large enterprise looking to deliver a cutting-edge experience, LogiNext Mile is a comprehensive Transportation Automation platform which will help you bring in a digital transformation to reduce costs and improve operational excellence. 



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