Hiring Philosophy of a startup

Ever wondered what the new ‘COOL’ was? That’s right, it’s working at a startup! Nothing sells faster than a startup today. Everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon. No formal dress code, the high adrenaline rush of working with smart, passionate people, flexible timings with crazy working hours; what’s not to like? But wait, what exactly do the best startups look for when they hire? If you are aware of hiring philosophy it may help you score that interview!

1) The 3E’s

Needless to say, working for a startup is way, way, and much more way different than working for a big corporate organization. And the most defining qualities that bind all startup employees together are the 3E’s: Energy, Enthusiasm & Eagerness. If you’re looking for a well defined working hour schedule, where the only highs during the day are the entry, lunch & exit, this isn’t for you. A startup requires you to be burning the midnight oil regularly. A person bustling with energy and enthusiasm is a sure for keeps!

2) Own, Decide & Collaborate

No spoon-feeding is entertained in a start-up culture, which is sworn by. Literally. Here, you have to get in the shoes of a leader immediately, no breaths allowed. Ownership equals responsibility and being decisive comes with the baggage. Even a small decision will have a lot riding on it and has the potential to change the course of the company. For the good or bad. So, effective decision making is a necessary trait all startups look for. Also, one for all and all for one is the motto all startups live by. There will be times when you will have to take one for the team, roll your sleeves & get your hands dirty for someone else. Working with small, high-performing teams not only enhance multi-functionality and the bonding, but also takes the collective performance to a new high!

3) The multi-feathered quick hatter

Your Job profile is never going to be ONLY what it says. It will be a hundred other things too. Saying ‘This ain’t a part of my job description’ is the easiest way to get kicked out. And yes, this may include picking up lunch for the team! Speed & chaos will be your constant comrades! Love being on your toes 24/7? Looks like you fit the bill! A quick learner who can roll smoothly with the punches and bring in his/her own flavor is a great team member.

4) Mr. /Miss Jugaadu

You can be all talk. You can have a dozen ideas, and you might be a stud at planning things on paper. But ultimately it is the results that count. And by execution, we believe in taking the road less traveled. When you know what you want, you get it done. Being jugaadu is one imperative feather that you have to have in that colorful hat of yours! Or else, they ain’t buying! A strong brand is built on a strong product, and a strong product thrives on great implementation.

5) Being a li’l Hatke

Standardized resumes and approaches are passé! The very fact people start with a new venture is to escape the daily humdrum and do something unique! And you have to catch the eye to impress. So get creative, and as Steve Jobs says, ‘Think different & make a dent in the universe!’ Finally, a start-up is like a closely-knit family. You take everyone along. Mentoring & inspiring this family is a given. Also, facing challenges on a daily basis requires people who are driven, to be, do & learn more.

Think you’re ready for this roller coaster ride??

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