Monsoon has finally arrived in Aamchi Mumbai and it’s already disrupting routine life. Keeping up with time is going to be the biggest challenge for next three months. A heavy spell of rain can bring transportation via road, rail, sea and air to a halt. And if you are running a delivery company, an e-commerce company or a large supply chain setup, then a lot of work is waiting for you this season!

But, what if there was a system which could have told you that today would be a rainy day and you shouldn’t be promising same day deliveries on that day? This would have saved you a lot of hassle, right? And what if a tool would tell your drivers the best routes to follow based on traffic and water clogs in the city? This would have saved your delivery boys so much of efforts!

Well, that’s where some advance tech comes into play. Now you can view all the shipments, delivery boys, bikers, trucks, rail cargo and air cargo on your personal screen in real-time and can get immediate notifications on the routes to be followed and keep your customers informed about the delays in real-time!

Stay dry and updated !

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